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Issuance of livestock Producers Agent, Livestock Buyers and Livestock Buyers Agent licenses


Livestock Buyers License is provided for in the Control of Livestock Industry Act CAP.36.01.  The license authorises its holder to purchase livestock for the purpose of trade in the country. Trade here means acquisition of livestock for slaughter, meat processing plants, retailers, chain shops, for commission (BMC) and other markets and this even include a farmer buying 50 or more breeding stock for the purposes of a ranch.  License issued for a particular district can be endorsed ONCE in another district of interest to the buyer to enable trading in that particular district.

A Livestock buyer’s Agent license is obtained by a buyer who is going to buy on behalf of someone who already has a livestock buyer’s license.

Livestock Producers Agent license allows its holder to collect mobs of cattle from producers and send them to Botswana Meat Commission abattoirs on their behalf. A holder of this license is permitted to charge a commission of 2.5% on revenue realized from the sales as stipulated in the act for the services offered and not more than that. Livestock Producers Agent License is provided for in the Livestock Meat Industries Act (CAP 36.03).  

Who is eligible?
  • Registered Business (companies)
  • Citizens (Farmers and Individuals)
How do I get this service?

Visit the nearest District Agribusiness Promotion Office with relevant documents and complete an application form.


Individuals and companies who are interested in becoming Livestock Buyers, Agents or Speculators are required to confirm details to the Authorized License Issuing Officer on the following;

  1. For New Entrants:
  • Confirm registration with BAITS for Keeper Identification
  • Particulars for business or an individual
  • Base location of business
  • District areas of livestock purchase
  • Type of license required
  • Payment of annual license  fee
  • Fill in the application form


  1. For renewals:
  • Produce monthly livestock sales report and returns
  • Pay Annual renewal license fee
  • Produce licenses together with valid identifications (when required by the authority) before any transactions can be carried out.
  • Fill in the application form


What supporting documents are required?
  • A Valid and original Botswana National Identity Card (Omang) for citizens
  • Original Passport and Resident Permit for non-citizens
  • Original and valid Cattle Brand Certificate
  • Original and valid Livestock keepers Identity
  • Original and a valid Trading License (Butchery & Fresh produce)
How long will this service take?
  • One (1) working day
How much does it cost?
  1. Livestock buyer’s license
  • First time owners deposit fee P200.00 (The fee is refundable upon termination of the license)
  • Annual License Fee is P70.00
  •  Annual license renewal  fee is P70.00 and P52.50 is paid up for license issued before and after the 30th of June in every year


  1. Livestock Buyer’s Agent License
  • License Fee 50.00
  • Annual license renewal is P50.00 and P32.50 for a license issued after the 30th of June.


  1. Livestock Producers’ Agent License
  • License fee is P500.00 and expires every 31 December
  • Annual License renewal fee of P500.
Where can I get more information on this Service

Where can I find more information?

Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security
Department of Agribusiness Promotion
Private Bag 00298
Tel. (+267) 3689706/3689709 
Fax. (+267) 3972381 


Call Centre
Tel. 17755 
moa17755 [at] (moa17755[at]gov[dot]bw)

Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday except, public holiday

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