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Own Account Permit


This type of permit is issued to operators who transport passengers for their own institutions such as (churches, societies, organisations).

Who is eligible?


How do I get this service?
  • Download and complete Form RTS 1 - Application for Initial Grand or Amendment or Renewal of Road Transport Permit and submit along with supporting documents to the Registration and Licensing officer at any permit-issuing Department of Road Transport and Safety office for approval.
  • Pay the application fee of BWP130.00 to the Registration and licensing officer.
  •  First-time applicants attend a Transport advisory board hearing at the appointed time.  It is at this point that the decision would be made.  
  •  Approved first-time applicants and renewal applicants must take the vehicle to the Transport Inspectors for inspection.  
  • If inspection is failed, applicants must comply with Inspector's instructions to rectify any vehicle issues that may have caused the failure and reapply.  Applicants' whose vehicles pass the inspection are issued inspection certificates.
  • Submit inspection certificate and all of the other supporting documents to the Registration and licensing officer and pay permit fee.  
  • Once fee is paid, the permit would be issued.
What supporting documents are required?
  •  Copy of the registration book (if available) otherwise prove of financial ability
  • Copy of a valid roadworthiness certificate
  • Certified copy of valid National Identity Card of applicant
  • If company, copy of certificate of incorporation & shareholder’s certificates
  • Copy of the vehicle's registration document (blue book).
  • Copy of vehicle's valid Roadworthiness Certificate (at the point of certificate collection).
  •  Vehicle Inspection Certificate (only if permit application is approved by the board).
  •  Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (companies). 
  •  Certified copy of one director's  valid National Identity Card (companies).
  • Copy of Shareholder's Certificates (companies). 
  •  Copy of business proposal (companies).
  •  Expired permit (renewals).
  •  Expired token (renewals). 
How long will this service take?

39 working days.

How much does it cost?
  • Mini bus BWP 299.00
  • Bus BWP 403.00
Where can I obtain this service?
  • Visit any of the Department of Road Transport and Safety around the country for assistance.
  • Opening hours are from 07:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays. 
Where can I get more information on this Service

Public Relations Unit

Department of Road Transport and Safety Tshomarelo House

Botswana Savings Bank Building

Private Bag 0054  

Gaborone Botswana

Tel. (267) 368-8600

Fax.(267) 397-1117/1114

Email: mtcpro [at]    

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