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Visiting Prisoners


Normal Visits:
Convicted prisoners are entitled to the following frequency and duration of visits by friends and family:

  • Frequency: One (1) visit every four(4) weeks.
  • Duration: 20 minutes.
  • Maximum number of persons visiting: Three(3).

Remand prisoners are entitled to the following frequency and duration of visits by friends and family:

  • Frequency: Daily.
  • Duration: 20 minutes.
  • Maximum number of persons visiting: Three(3).

Additional Visits:
In addition to the normal visits outlined above, prisoners are allowed one(1) additional visit for each of the situations listed below:

  • Upon initial admission to prison, prisoners are allowed a visit of 15 minute duration, with a maximum of three (3) persons.
  • Upon transfer of a prisoner to and from another prison.
  •  A prisoner convicted due to defaulting on payments in a legal agreement may be allowed a visit anytime during working hours only for the purpose of providing payment to the rightful debtor.
  • Death or serious illness of a near relative (parents, siblings or children).
  • A family issue of an urgent nature.
  • For the arrangement of employment or assistance upon release.

Other Visits:
In addition to the above, visitors are permitted visitation for the following situations;

  • To conduct religious services and instructions.
  • To address the educational needs of prisoner(s) by lecturers and teachers from different institutions of learning.
  • Persons appointed by the Commissioner for visiting prisoners regularly.
  • The legal practitioner may see a prisoner concerning any legal business.
  • Diplomatic Representatives of the country of origin of a prisoner may be allowed to see a prisoner concerning the business of repatriation to the prisoner's country of origin.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is allowed to conduct investigative visits to prisoners of interest to the ICRC.
  • The Mental Health Board assesses conditions for inmates with mental health conditions.

Other Prison Visitors:

Visiting Committee:

Each prison is assigned a Visiting Committee which is appointed by the Minister responsible for prisons. The committee is meant to visit the prison at least every three (3) months in order to make recommendations to the Commissioner or Officer in Charge on matters relating to good order and discipline and efficient management of the prison and treatment of prisoners.

Official Visitors:
Judges and Magistrates are appointed as official visitors to prisons. On such visits they may:

  • Inspect records relating to the management and discipline of the prison.
  • Inspect and test the quality and quantity of the prisoners' food.
  • Enquire into any complaint or request made by prisoners.

In addition to the above, the Ombudsman is allowed to conduct periodic visits to prisons to:

        Educate prisoners on the mandate of the Ombudsman.

Procedure for visiting prisoners:
Visitors are required to follow the procedure outlined below for each visit to prisoners:

  • Visitors must register at the prison entrance (See documentation required, below).
  • Prison staff must inspect any personal property to be handed to a prisoner.
  • Endorse the personal identification and addresses.
  • Visiting procedures and rules are then explained to the visitor.
  • Visitors are then allowed into a visiting room to meet with the prisoner.

Any visitor may be searched at the discretion of Prison staff.

Documentation required:
In order to visit a prisoner, visitors must present:

 A valid copy of:

  • National Identification card (Omang) for residents OR
  • Passport for non-citizens.

NB: Cell Phones are not allowed inside prison.

Where can I obtain this service?


  • Divisional Commander South
  • Divisional Commander North
  • Central Prison
  • Boys Prison
  • Gaborone Women Prison
  • First Offenders Prison


  • Francistown Prison
  • Francistown Centre for Illegal Immigrants

Ghanzi: Ghanzi Prison

Kanye: Kanye Prison

Kasane: Kasane Prison

Letlhakane: Letlhakane Prison

Lobatse: Lobatse Prison

Machaneng: Machaneng Prison

Mahalapye: Mahalapye Prison


  • Maun Prison
  • Boro Prison

Mochudi: Mochudi Prison

Molepolole: Molepolole Prison

Moshupa: Moshupa Boys Prison

Selebi Phikwe

  • Selebi Phikwe Prison
  • Bainesdrift Prison

Serowe: Serowe New Prison

Tsabong: Tsabong Prison

Tshane: Tshane Prison

Where can I get more information on this Service

Addresses for Prisons in Botswana are provided below:

Divisional Commander South
Private Bag X09

Enquiries: (+267) 3957233 / 3957284
Divisional Commander (+267) 3900954
Fax (+267) 3957286

Divisional Commander North
Private Bag F472

Enquiries: (+267) 2403972
Divisional Commander (+267) 2403139
Fax (+267) 2403212

Central Prison

Private Bag X09


Enquiries: 3956271/2

Officer in Charge: (+267) 3902628

Fax: (+267) 3956227

Boys Prison
Private Bag

X09 Gaborone

Enquiries: 3956273

Officer in Charge: (+267) 3957067

Fax: (+267) 3133707

Gaborone Women Prison
Private Bag X09


Enquiries: 3956276

Officer in Charge: (+267) 3952233

Fax: (+267) 3190840

First Offenders Prison
Private Bag X09


Enquiries: 3956359

Fax: (+267) 3191001

Officer in Charge: (+267) 3957749

Francistown Prison
P O Box 191


Enquiries: (+267) 2412365

Fax: (+267) 2412406

Officer in Charge: (+267) 2403176

Francistown Centre for Illegal Immigrants
Private Bag F287

Enquiries: 2440790
Officer in Charge (+267) 2440711
Fax (+267) 2441672

Ghanzi Prison
P O Box 43


Enquiries: (+267) 6596303

Fax: (+267) 6596934

Officer in Charge: (+267) 6596303

Kanye Prison
P O Box 165


Enquiries: (+267) 5440382

Fax: (+267) 5442361

Officer in Charge: (+267) 5440032

Kasane Prison
P O Box 6


Enquiries: (+267) 6250255

Fax: (+267) 6251464

Officer in Charge: (+267) 6252255
Letlhakane Prison
P O Box 195

Enquiries: 2978188
Officer in Charge (+267) 2978199
Fax. (+267) 2978388

Lobatse Prison
P O Box 107


Fax: (+267) 5300854

Enquiries: (+267) 5330261

Officer in Charge: (+267) 5300225
Fax (+267) 5300854

Machaneng Prison
P O Box 4


Enquiries: (+267) 4940253

Fax: (+267) 4940385

Officer in Charge: (+267) 4940252

Mahalapye Prison
Private Bag 25


Enquiries: (+267) 4710650/1

Fax: (+267) 4712810

Officer in Charge: (+267) 4711737

Maun Prison

P O Box 194


Enquiries: (+267) 6860321

Fax: (+267) 6864254

Officer in Charge: (+267) 6864241

Boro Prison
P O Box 176

Enquiries: 6860161
Officer in Charge (+267) 6800020
Fax (+267) 6800020

Mochudi Prison
P O Box 485


Enquiries: (+267) 5777251

Fax: (+267) 5749841

Officer in Charge: (+267) 5728536

Molepolole Prison
P O Box 920


Fax: (+267) 5920168

Enquiries: (+267) 5920796

Officer in Charge: (+267) 5915637

Moshupa Boys Prison
Private Bag 010


Enquiries: (+267) 5449608

Fax: (+267) 5449602

Officer in Charge: 5449605

Selebi Phikwe Prison
P O Box 390


Enquiries: (+267) 2610555

Fax: (+267) 2611299

Officer in Charge: (+267) 2611660

Bainesdrift Prison
P O Box 390
Selebi Phikwe
Enquiries: (+267) 2646101

Serowe New Prison
P O Box 1200


Enquiries: (+267) 4630342/4631865

Fax: (+267) 4634958

Officer in Charge: (+267) 4632277

Tsabong Prison
P O Box 20


Enquiries: (+267) 6540230

Fax: 6540546

Officer in Charge: (+267) 6540120

Tshane Prison
P O Box 360

Enquiries: (+267) 6510019
Officer in Charge. (+267) 6510017
Fax: (+267) 6510016

Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday except, public holidays.

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