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Application for Tourist Enterprise Licence (TEL)


Tourist enterprise licence is a permit issued to entities that operate businesses or services that directly deal with tourists e.g. Travel agencies, Tourist Accommodation facilities. Find the description for all the licence categories below.

A Licence:

For operations that offer accommodation facilities on a fixed site such as hotels, motels, guesthouses including corporate guesthouses, bed and breakfast, self-catering apartments, backpackers tourist accommodation, campsites outside protected areas and cultural villages, including operations that offer such accommodation facilities on a timeshare basis.

B Licence:

For operations that offer accommodation facilities on a fixed site such as photographic/hunting camps and lodges, public camping sites or caravan sites within wildlife management areas and protected areas, including operations that offer such accommodation facilities on a timeshare basis.

C Licence:

Operations that offer off-site facilities such as mobile safaris operators that receive and transport travellers and guests within protected areas.

D Licence:

Operations that make, plan or reserve travel arrangements for clients or other tourist services excluding air, sea or ocean ticketing but not offering accommodation (whether fixed or not).

E Licence:

Operations that receive and transport guests to tourist attractions, including road transfer activities other than within protected areas.

F Licence:

Operations that offer motor boating activities other than within their leased land which is in protected areas, private reserves and wildlife management areas.

G Licence:

Other enterprises (excluding air charter companies and car rentals) that conducts tourism related activities e.g. hot air ballooning, cycling, bungee jumping, etc.

H Licence:

Operations that offer mekoro activities.

I Licence:

Foreign based companies that offer tourism related activities in Botswana. They may transfer tourists along the main roads and utilise public facilities. Licence holders are not allowed to conduct their own safaris into the game reserves or national parks, but may hand over to a Botswana licensed operator if they wish to utilise these facilities.

J Licence:

Houseboats operations - a mobile self-contained accommodation facility that operates in water bodies.

K Licence:

 Semi-permanent mobile tented camp – an exclusive, upmarket en-suite non-participatory accommodation in a designated area for a duration not exceeding three months.

L Licence:

Operations that make, plan or reserve travel arrangements for clients in the form of air or ocean ticketing but do not offer accommodation (whether fixed or not). Licensed operators for category “L” must be accredited or affiliated to any of the international Air Ticketing Agencies.


Who is eligible?

Categories  A & B

This service is open to both citizens and non-citizens in Botswana EXCEPT for the following tourist enterprises; guest houses (corporate guest houses and Bed & Breakfast), camp and caravan sites.

Categories C, E & F

100% citizens or wholly-owned citizen companies.

Categories D, G, J, K & L

Citizens and non-citizens.

Tourism I Licence

Operators based outside the country

How do I get this service?
  1. Download, complete and submit Tourism Enterprise Application form with all supporting documentation either in person or by post/courier.
  2. Notice of Approval, Deferral or Rejection for the Licence will be shared by mail.
What supporting documents are required?
  1. Application form.
  2. A detailed Business Plan (guidelines provided).
  3. A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and/or a copy of the Certificate of Registration of the business-trading name.
  4. Certified copies of share certificates.
  5. Companies Proclamation i.e. Form 2.
  6. Certified copies of valid Omang or passport of the shareholders and for expatriate employees, copies of resident/work permits.
  7. Title deed or lease agreement/rental agreement- if the land was acquired for a different purpose other than for the project you wish to undertake you should apply for change of use or planning permission, from your local authorities or Land Board.
  8. Details of vehicles. i.e. Vehicle Registration and Road Worthiness Certificates (Botswana Registered) for Categories C & E
  9. Submission of an Environmental Management Plan/Environmental Impact Analysis approved by the Department of Environmental Affairs (Categories A,B,J)
  10. Occupation Permit (Categories A & B)
  11. Consent from land authorities for sub-leases and/or rental agreements/transfer of leases/tittle deeds
  12. Satisfactory inspection reports of the premises (department of tourism & environmental health)
  13. Approved technical / building / architectural plans, for a building project such as a Hotel, Guest house, lodge, camp etc. (Categories A & B)
  14. Curriculum vitae for the shareholders

(Please submit ten (10) copies of all the requirements however only one set of the building plans must be submitted)

How long will this service take?

Within 30 days from the time the application is received by the TILC.

How much does it cost?

Licence Category








BWP 1 000

BWP 1 000

BWP 1 000

BWP 500

Domestic Guesthouse (B&B)

BWP 300

BWP 200

BWP 200

BWP 100

Commercial Guesthouses

BWP 500

BWP 200

BWP 200

BWP 100


BWP 1 500

BWP 1 500

BWP 1 500

BWP 750

Where can I obtain this service?

Department of Tourism

2nd floor, Standard House

The Main Mall, Queens Road

Private Bag 0047



Tel. (+267) 3953024

Fax. (+267) 3908675


Department of Tourism Offices




















Opening Hours of Operation: 07:30 – 16:30, Monday to Friday, except on Public Holidays.

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