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Certified Copy of a Title Deed


Registered owners or holders of a title deed to a property may request a replacement of the floating copy of the Title Deed.

Who is eligible?

Any registered owners of a title deed to a parcel of land may apply for a replacement certified copy of the Title Deed. 

How do I get this service?
  • Registered land owners must place the following minimum number of advertisements:
    • One(1) advertisement in the Botswana Government Gazette
    • One(1) advertisement a week for two consecutive weeks (i.e. one advertisement in each week) in the newspaper which circulates in the same area as the parcel of land in question
    •  Templates of the advertisements required are available at the office of the Registrar of Deeds.
  • At least three(3) weeks after the last of the advertisements above have been published, the registered owner or holder must submit the following documents to the office of the Registrar of Deeds in person or by conveyancer (a conveyancer is an attorney who has been admitted as such by the High Court of Botswana).  These forms are also available at the office of the Registrar of Deeds;
    • Application for a certified copy of a lost Title Deed (Request Form). ("A")
    • Affidavit in terms of Regulation 46(1) ("B")
What supporting documents are required?

The following documents are required; 

  • Copies of advertisements in local papers (2 separates adverts) and the Botswana Government Gazette
  • An Affidavit in terms of Regulation 46(1) ("B") (available at the deeds offices) in which the registered owner identifies themselves as the individual to whom the title deed belongs. It is in this affidavit that:
    • The applicant must describe the deed
    • State that the deed has not been pledged or detained by anyone as security
    • That it has actually been lost or destroyed
    • That should the deed (floating copy) be found, it shall be surrendered to the Registrar of Deeds
  • Application for a certified copy of a lost Title Deed (Request Form) ("A"), available at the deeds offices
How long will this service take?

When registered owners come to Deeds Office in person they are assisted that same day. If they send their request through conveyancers the process will take five(5) working days.

How much does it cost?

Copies made at BWP1.00 per page.

Where can I obtain this service?

For properties South of Dibete, including the districts of Ghanzi and Kgalagadi:

Deeds Registry Gaborone
Government Enclave
Attorney General's Chamber
Ground and First Floor
Private Bag 0020

For properties North of Dibete (Dibete included):

Deeds Registry Francistown
Plot 252/2567, Old BGI Building
Private Bag F283

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