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Borehole Registration


This service provides a unique official borehole identification number to both government and privately-drilled boreholes. This number links the borehole with its completion report, the Borehole Completion Certificate (Form G.S. 184), that is stored in the National Borehole Archive (database). The Borehole Completion Certificate is a physical description of how the borehole was drilled and constructed and also includes information such as ownership, location, lithology, water strike, yield and water quality.

Who is eligible?

All citizens and businesses that own boreholes qualify for this service. 

How do I get this service?
  • Both the driller and the owner or representative of the borehole must come for registration of the borehole.
  • The driller accurately fills in borehole information as per the requirements of the Borehole Completion Certificate, Form G.S. 184 (available at the office mentioned below)
    1. Name and address of applicant (borehole owner details)
    2. Borehole location in latitude and longitude coordinates obtained using a GPS instrument (in either degrees, minutes, seconds or degrees and decimal minutes)
    3. Drilling period
    4. Drilling, casing and screen installation information
    5. Lithological information and drilling soil and rock chip samples
    6. ​A neat sketch map showing the exact location of the borehole with reference to prominent features such as the nearest village, town, hill, or river in kilometres and direction should be made at the back of the certificate
    7. Signing of the chip samples submission section of the form
    8. ​Water strike, yield and water samples and quality information
  • ​Customer submits chip samples a​​nd G.S. 184 form
  • Allocate the customer a borehole number and fill it into the Borehole Completion Certificate, Form G.S. 184
  • Borehole owner and driller get the original and a copy of Borehole Completion Certificate (white and pink copies respectively)
What supporting documents are required?

The customer must provide a completely filled certificate (Form G.S. 184) with chip and soil samples as attachments.

How long will this service take?

This process takes one day.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees associated with this service. 

Where can I obtain this service?

The Director
Water Department of Water and Sanitation 
Ground Water Division, Borehole Registry
Block B, 2nd Floor, Office 215
Plot 2509, Old Lobatse Road
Private Bag 0029
Tel. (+267) 3607100
Fax. (+267) 3903508
Opening hours: 7:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.​

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