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Court Orders, Judgments & Rulings


A Court Order, Judgment or Ruling is an instruction or direction issued by a Court or Judge requiring a litigant to do or not do something. This document is typed by a court reporter and is normally issued once the matter has been concluded.

Who is eligible?

Any party to the dispute is entitled to receive a copy of the Court Order, Judgment or Ruling once a decision has been made by the Judge.

How do I get this service?

After the matter has been concluded, the Court or Judge can immediately or at a later stage pronounce his/her decision which can be in the form of a Court Order, Judgment or Ruling. Litigants will then be issued with a copy.

What supporting documents are required?

There are no supporting documents required.

How long will this service take?

A Court Order, Judgment or Ruling can be delivered on the same day, several days or months later depending on the complexity of the matter. 

How much does it cost?

This service is offered for free.

Where can I get more information on this Service

For more information, please refer to the Rules of Court or contact the office listed below.

The Registrar

Industrial Court of Botswana

Private Bag BR 267

Gaborone, Botswana


Phone: (+267) 3900565  

Fax: (+267) 3900567

Facebook: Industrial Court of Botswana

Email: ic_info [at] (ic_info[at]gov[dot]bw)

Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

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