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E-Passport Application


All Botswana citizens are required to have Botswana passport to travel abroad.

Who is eligible?

All citizens of Botswana

How do I get this service?

In order to access this service, applicants must complete the following steps;

  1. Fill and submit the Application for Passport Form to any immigration office countrywide (contact information provided below).
  2. Submit payment (listed below) along with the application form.
  3. In the case of parent(s) or guardian(s) applying for an e-passport for persons aged 16 years or younger, bring the child to the office when submitting the application.
  4. Check the outcome of your application from the Office in which the application was made;
  • After five (5) working days (if applied outside Gaborone).
  • Within three (3) working days (if applied in Gaborone).
What supporting documents are required?

For persons aged sixteen (16) years and above:

  1. Original and one (1) certified copy of a  National Identity card (Omang)
  2. Citizenship certificate of parents and/or applicant if parents were once foreign nationals (seek Clarification from Passport and Citizen Officers).
  3. National Identity card details for parent(s) as well as details of parent's place of birth.
  4. Old passport (physical copy) and for lost passport bring the police report or affidavit before the commissioner of oath. The forms are collected by the applicant or parent if under sixteen (16) years of age.

For children under  sixteen (16) years of age:

  1. Original and one (1) certified copy of  birth certificate
  2. Original Omang Card of parent(s).
  3. Guardian’s original Omang Card (in case of deceased or missing parents).
  4. Death certificate(s) of deceased parent(s) if applicable.
  5. Letter from District Commissioner, Chief or Social Worker for proof of guardianship in the case of guardian(s) applying for the child’s e-passport.
  6. Old passport of child.
  7. Citizenship certificate of parents and/or owner (registration) if parents were once foreign nationals (seek clarification from Passport and Citizen Officers).
How long will this service take?
  • The passport takes five (5) working days to process (if applied outside Gaborone).
  • The passport takes three (3) days (if applied  within Gaborone).
How much does it cost?
  • Children under 14 years: BWP 100.00.
  • Persons over 14 years BWP 260.00
Where can I obtain this service?

Departmental HQ. Regional Immigration Offices, District Immigration Offices and Missions Abroad.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs

Government Enclave, Block 8, Khama Crescent

P. O. Box 942



Tel. (+267) 361 1373/ (+267) 361 1375

Toll Free. 0800 600 777

Opening hours: 7:30 to 12:45, and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.


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