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Pool Housing


The portfolio responsibility of pool housing is administered by Department of Housing (DoH) under Estate Management Division. The Department of Housing manages pool housing countrywide with the assistance of District Commissioners.

Management of Housing stock in Gaborone and the Southern part of the country is done by the Department headquarters in Gaborone while the Francistown Regional Office handles Francistown and the Northern part of the country.

The pool housing portfolio consists of Government owned houses, BHC and Private pool houses.

Allocation of pool housing is a condition of service and is only limited to eligible public officers as provided for in General Order 135.

Who is eligible?
  • Expatriate contract Officers;


  • Officer in categories determined by the Director of Public Service Management from time to time as providing essential services and include Doctors, Veterinary Officers, Senior Police Officers and Heads of major Departments;
  • All Officers on transfer from a duty station provided however, the Officers or their spouses do not own any residential property within the planning area of the new duty station;
  •  Officers occupying Government pool housing or district housing, who wish to change their accommodation.
How do I get this service?
  • Eligible Officers may apply using Standard application form DPSM 22 Rev.94.
  • Applications are accepted only if submitted within three months of arrival at the applicant’s new duty station.


What supporting documents are required?

Applicants must attach copies of their transfer letters, national identity cards or passports in case of expatriate officers.

How long will this service take?

This will depend on the availability of vacant houses.

How much does it cost?

No fee is charged for applying for a pool house.

Where can I obtain this service?

In all District Commissioners' offices across the country. Applications can also be lodged with Department of Housing offices in Gaborone and Francistown. 

Where can I get more information on this Service

From all District Commissioners' offices across the country and Department of Housing offices in Gaborone and Francistown. 

Department of Housing contacts are:


Tel. no. (+267) 3985636


Tel no. (+267) 2455480 / 2414054

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