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Poultry Abattoir Support Application


This service assists farmers with the building of abattoirs for safe and hygienic processing of poultry. This is a package under the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) Programme which is a government programme aimed at improving livestock management. The beneficiary is expected to have completed a project within two (2) years after approval.

Who is eligible?
  • Citizens eighteen (18) years and above.
  • Small scale poultry (broiler) producers.
  • A cooperative which comprises a minimum of fifteen (15) members
How do I get this service?
  • Fill and Submit LIMID 6 – Poultry Abattoir Application Form with the relevant supporting documents.
  • After registration, an animal production officer will contact the applicant in writing with details related to the status of his application.
What supporting documents are required?
  • Certified copy of valid National Identity Card (Omang).
  • Certified copy of Landboard certificate.
  • A copy of an approved constitution.
  • A copy of the business plan.
  • Quotations for the items required.
How long will this service take?

One (1) month if all required documents are submitted. 

How much does it cost?

No cost.

Where can I get more information on this Service

Department of Animal Production
Plot 4701, Mmaraka road
Private Bag 0032 
Tel. (+267)TEL: (+267) 3689625 3689625
Fax. (+267) 3951120

Call Centre:
Email:moa17755 [at]


Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 then 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holiday.

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