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RESPONSE TO ELEPHANTS WITHOUT BORDERS STATEMENT FOLLOWING A GUIDED TOUR OF JOURNALISTS TO THE ALLEGED ELEPHANT MASS KILLINGS IN THE NORTHERN PART OF BOTSWANA The Office of the President wishes to inform members of the Public that following misleading media reports regarding the alleged poaching of 87 elephants next to a wildlife sanctuary in Northern Botswana, the Government of Botswana made an arrangement for a guided tour of the operational areas by the media. To this end, a total of 26 Journalists from the international and local media houses were flown into the operational area between September 19 and 20, 2018. Prior to the tour, they were briefed accordingly on the objectives of the tour, general anti-poaching operations in Northern Botswana and safety. The Government of Botswana would like to express its gratitude to the media for the positive and objective reports following the visit as they ably captured the truth, helping the nation to get a full understanding of the whole matter. The local media houses demonstrated a high degree of objectivity in their reports in the wake of misleading stories which undermined the Government’s commitment to preserving natural resources of this country. However, the Government of Botswana has noted with concern a statement issued by Elephant Without Borders (EWB) following the media tour. In the statement, released on 20 th September 2018 the organization states that Dr Chase who has been contracted by the Government to conduct the aerial survey of wildlife in the Northern Part of the country, was not invited to the media tour. The Office of the President wishes to clarify that prior to the tour, the Government made efforts to invite him without success.
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