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Lephata la dipatlisiso le dipalo (DRTS)
About the Division of Research and Statistics

The Division of Research and Statistics (DRS) has the status of a department of the MOA. The division, which falls under the Office of the Permanent Secretary, exists to provide specialised applied social research, policy research and development, monitoring and evaluation and agricultural statistics. The broad functions of the Division of Research and Statistics are to:

  • Serve as a focal point for policy development and operational guidance as well as coordination of all activities of the Ministry of Agriculture where applied research, monitoring and evaluation and policy development and research are required
  • Provide professional research expertise, monitoring and evaluation , policy research and development to assist Ministry of Agriculture departments to ensure that policies, programmes and projects are implemented based on appropriate planning principles, data and to ensure that agreed indicators and activities are adhered to at all levels of implementation cycle.
  • Undertake a coordinated monitoring and evaluation of Ministry of Agriculture development projects.
  • Provide information and data bank service to Ministry of Agriculture, external users and international organisations to which Ministry of Agriculture is signatory.
  • Monitor and/or coordinate Ministry of Agriculture socioeconomic research activities carried out by private and/or consultants to ensure timely acquisition of and delivery of up-to-date information/data for planning purposes and decision-making.
Sections of the Division of Research and Statistics.

The Policy Research and Development Section
The main objective is to coordinate policy development and inter-Sectoral policy issues, conduct policy research and provide advisory role on policy issues to MoA departments and stakeholders.

Monitoring and Evaluation Section
The main objective is to coordinate monitoring and evaluation of MoA policies, programmes and projects and carry out socio-economic studies, which will act as foundation both for decision making and for the formulation of policies and programmes aimed at improving agricultural productivity.

Agricultural Statistics
The main objective is to collect and compile data on agricultural holdings, through sample surveys and decennial agricultural censuses for provision of agricultural data required for assessing performance of the agricultural sector, decision making and for the formation of policies and programmes intended to improve the agricultural productivity. The section collects and collates secondary data from all players in the sector for further processing and analysis.