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Lekhubu lies in the remnants of the Ancient Lake, Makgadikgadi, once one of the largest inland lakes in Africa. About 20 000 years ago drier climatic conditions occurred and the lake gradually filled up with sand and sediment. Today, Sua Pan, a sheet of salt encrusted clay, is only covered with a few centimeters of water during the rainy season. The rocky Lekhubu outcrop is surrounded by this sea of salt.The island has granite boulders and giant baobabs (Mowana, Adanonia digitata), the African star-chestnut with its large, round fruit and silver-red stems, the common commiphora (commiphora pyracathoides) and wild asparagus species with red berries.For the residents of the area, Lekhubu is a sacred place which is ideal for traditional ceremonies,rituals and customs. The residents still visit the site to ask God for rain and make offerings. Traditional taboos governing the use of the island prohibits removal of rocks, fruits and hunting of animals.

Driving Directions:

Lekhubu is situated along the shoreline of the Sua Pan. The site is off the main track between Gweta, Nata and Letlhakane. Visitors should ask at these villages or at Mmatshumo for directions and again at the veterinary gates as tracks change and the landscape is quite featureless. Lekhubu is about 42km from Mmatshumo and about 100km from Gweta.