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BEDIA Yields Positive Results
The Botswana Export Development And Investment Authority (BEDIA) has been able to attract capital investment of about P539 million as opposed to P500 million which they set as a target.

Chief executive officer, Mrs Dorcus Makgato Malesu told the Kweneng District full council meeting that the value of exports amounting to P187 million was accomplished against the organization's target of P120 million, adding that 2 344 jobs were created against the 2 500 target. BEDIA adopted a clear, bold and driven approach, which involved clarity of purpose about all decisions and challenging the status quo through innovative approaches with bold goals and targets.

Mrs Makgato-Malesu also advised the Kweneng District Council to take advantage that they are near to BEDIA office in Gaborone and should therefore utilize the services that are offered by BEDIA such as their resource centre which is good for research.

Some councilors asked whether the investors are screened before they come to Botswana, saying that it appears that some of the investors prefer to hire their relatives instead of Batswana as it is expected of them. Councilors also advised BEDIA to reach out to the community so that people can understand their mandate better.