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Lephata la Tsamaiso ya Bodirelapuso (DPSM)
Inter-Government Collaboration
Inter-Government Collaboration

The Directorate of Public Service Management receives technical assistance for Public Service human resource development from a number of international development partners. The Assistance covers both short and long-term training.
The following Training programmes are open to applications from serving public officers:

• Australia
• Government of the Peoples Republic of China
• Commonwealth Secretariat
• Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation-(ITEC) & Special Commonwealth Assistance For Africa Programme-SCAAP
• Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA
• Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme-MTCP
• Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Awards-SCPTA
• Swedish International Development Agency-SIDA

Public officers should route their applications for training programmes appearing on this portal and donors’ websites through their Accounting Officers regardless of whether or not the donor has pledged any financial assistance. This is meant to ensure that the training programmes applied for are relevant and that successful applicants are provided with the necessary government support.

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