Sesole Sa Botswana (BDF)
BDF Recruits
Closing Date: 30/06/2009
Closing Time: 09:30
Contract type: Full time
Responsable office:
General description:

On average the BDF recruits Privates and Officer Cadets. For basic military training, the Officer Cadets Basic Military training cycle is 12 months while the Privates train for six months.

Botswana citizens aged between 18and 24 years. On exceptional cases, age may be waived to recruit someone who is already holding a profession e.g. Medical Doctor.

Candidates should be mentally and physically fit and should have no previous adverse police record.

Minimum qualification for Officer Cadets is a Degree.

A BGCSE with a minimum of 30 points or equivalent is required for Privates. Post Secondary School qualification up to certificate level will be an added advantage.

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