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Lephata la Ditswammung, Kgotetso le Metsi (MMEWR)
Lephata la tsa meepo
The Department of Mines in partnership with stakeholders will provide reliable, effective and efficient administrative services, policies, programs and legislation for mineral exploitation, prevent mining occupational diseases, injuries, and minimize degradation of the environment to enhance socio-economic and other benefits to Botswana arising from the exploitation of mineral resources. For more information click the link below: http://www.mines.gov.bw

Is there to ensure that mining and other activities do not compromise the safety and health of customers/stakeholders and employees.


The overall objectives of the Department of Mines are to establish and maintain an effective organization to administer mineral exploitation legislation, and to enhance socio-economic, financial and other benefits to Botswana arising from the exploitation of mineral resources.

With respect to mineral policies the department will assist in developing sound national policy on mineral development and operation. The department will provide professional guidance on matters pertaining to mine safety and control of pollution arising from mining activities. The department of mines will formulate and provide technical guidelines, performance standards for mining, mineral processing and metallurgical operations and advice government accordingly.


The services offered by the Department of Mines are as follows:

  • Mining rights administration (Mining License, Retention License and Minerals Permit)
  • Collection of Mineral Revenues
  • Mines safety health and enviromental Inspectorate
  • Issuance of blasting license
  • Restricted blasting licenses
  • Permit to purchase, acquire and possess explosives
  • Permit to import and possess explosives
  • License to sell explosives
  • License to manufacture explosives
  • Permit to carry explosives in Bulk
  • Mining license for small scale
Ikgolaganye le rona

Contact details of Divisions and Senior Management of the Department

Director of Mines Contact

 K.Abi(Director of Mines)


Chief Engineer, Inspectorate Division

G. Tshekiso( Chief Engineer, Inspectorate Division)


Acting Chief Engineer, Operations and Development Division

H.Biswas( Acting Chief Engineer, Operations and Development Division)


Director of Mineral Affairs

N.C. Mmolawa ( Director of Mineral Affairs)


Mining Companies Contacts


Mining Companies Contacts


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Department of Mines Headquarters

Postal Address

Private Bag 0049
Tel: (267)3657000                                   Fax:  (267)3952141

Department of Mines – Francistown

Department of Mines – Francistown

Private Bag F0081
Fax: +267 2406004
Tel: +267 2450220

Explosives / Incidents

The  Chief Engineer

Department of Mines
Telephone: +267 3657007
Fax: +267 3952141
Private Bag: 0049 Gaborone

Mining License / Permit

The Chief Engineer

G. Tshekiso
Department of Mines
Telephone: +267 3657003
Fax: +267 3952141

Retention License

The Chief Engineer

Name: Mr H Biswas
Designation: Chief Engineer
Telephone: +267 3657003
Fax: +267 3952141

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