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Lephata la Ditswammung, Kgotetso le Metsi (MMEWR)

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Lephata la Ditswammung, Kgotetso le Metsi le filwe boikarabelo jwa go gokaganya le go tlhabolola tsa kgotetso, metsi le ditswammung. Mananeo a lone a go diragatsa boikarabelo jo bo neetswe maphatana a Lephata le, e bong a (Geological Survey, Mines le Water Affairs) le makgotla a puso e tshwaraganetseng tsamaiso le kgwebo nao a  Botswana Power Corporation le Water Utilities.

Dipotso tse di botswang gantsi
Q1. Which villages are going to be taken over as part of the reforms? Ans. According to the plan, the Water Utilities Corporation will take over all potable water services in the country in the next three years and all waste water services in the next five years, effective 2009.
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