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Lephata la Pereko le Selegae (MLHA)
Historical Background

Directorate of Apprenticeship & Industrial Training

  • Established in 1984 through the assistance of Federal Republic of Germany -  GTZ.
  • Through the Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Act. No. 34 of 1983.
  • To approve any private or Government or Parastatal enterprise/institute etc. to issue permission to contract apprentices.
  • To coordinate the System of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training.
  • To approve any institute which is offering practical and/or theoretical training
  • To monitor apprenticeship On – The Job - Training
  • To coordinate the Theoretical and Practical part of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training with the Ministry of Education.
  • To administer contract of apprenticeship
  • To promote the system of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training
  • To inspect logbooks
  • To act as a moderator in any dispute between employer and apprentice.
  • Generally to oversee the Apprenticeship and Industrial Training system

Madirelo Training and Testing Centre (MTTC)

  • Set up in 1986 to be the implementation arm of DAIT
  • MTTC is responsible for conducting assessments tests, trade tests at all levels, and the National Craft Certificate (NCC) examination
  • To develop, organize and conduct, in co-operation with the Ministry of Education--- skills improvement courses for Trade Testing Candidates
  • To develop Trade Testing standards.
  • To arrange training courses for trainers/instructors in enterprises
  • To arrange special training for employees; on request of the employer

To design, conduct and evaluate trade tests in the various designated and apprentice able trades

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