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Lephata la Pereko le Selegae (MLHA)

Minister’s visit to Dipotsana Clay Works

On the 9th of October 2009, the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr. Peter Letlhogonolo Siele visited Dipotsana Clay Works - a factory in Dipotsana, an isolated ‘parched’ settlement in Ngwaketse South. His visit was allied with equitable objectives, to pay a courtesy visit and to solicit a briefing from the clay works management on their operations with reference to labour matters. He said that all in all the project is a success and he was happy with the way it was being managed in spite of making recommendations for labour inspections to the site.

Minister bids farewell to Ministry Management

On 6th October 2009, the Honourable Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr. Peter Letlhogonolo Siele bid farewell to the management team ahead of the end of his office term on the 16th of October 2009.  In present was the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Segakweng Tsiane, accompanied by her two Deputies, Managers and Directors amongst others.

When directing the proceedings, the Permanent Secretary thanked the Minister for having served his term diligently and bringing in a wealth of experience.  She pointed out that Minister Peter Siele is a veteran in this Ministry since he was once a public servant and having served in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  She stated that she worked very well with Minister Siele under his guidance and leadership and expressed her gratitude for the good work they have accomplished together.  Further, she stated that when Honourable Siele arrived in April 2008, the Ministry performance was low and almost on the wane. She said that through his visionary leadership the performance rating has tremendously improved and now he leaves it at a mark of 81.7%. 

Other members of the management team took turns to wish the outgoing Minister well and blessings in his political campaign.  When they took the floor, majority of them described Honourable Siele as a humble, charismatic and loving person. Minister Siele was idolized as a fatherly figure by many in this bureau.

Bidding farewell to staff, Minister Siele thanked those who attended the gathering and sited that his stay in this Ministry was soothing. He said that he found it easy to work with officeholders in this Ministry. Commenting further, he explained that there is a good working relationship and openness of officeholders in charge in the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs.

Attendants applauded the Minister as he responded to their noble gestures with a big smile.


Employees are an asserts to the Ministry – Tsiane

The Permanent Secretary in the Minstry of Labour and Home Affairs, Mrs. Segakweng Tsiane told the Ministry employees that they are a very crucial assert and ambassadors to this organisation. She said this when addressing staff members in Southern and Lobatse Urban Districts in Lobatse Town Council Chambers on the 8th of October 2009. The objective of this gathering was to track and adjust performance and to share information. She stated that she was happy with the recent Ministry performance results in which it was accorded a staggering 81.7% on its latest review. She thanked the staff members for their contribution to the Ministry’s progress and dedicated this achievement to their improved working tendencies.


Ministry Donates To Needy Pupil In Diphuduhudu

On the 24th of September, the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs made its mark in Diphuduhudu by donating 20 school uniforms to needy pupil at Diphuduhudu Primary School.  This came as a contribution to the commemoration of Vision 2016 Awareness Month which was held in Letlhakeng on the 29th of August 2009.  The decision to donate to pupil in Diphuduhudu was a pledge from the Ministry to assist a needy community in the region.


Interaction with Batswana in Districts

Minister Peter Letlhogonolo Siele’s Kgotla meetings address ended in Moshaneng village - a secluded settlement in the Kweneng District. His recent Kgotla addresses were in Bokspits (on the 8th of September 2009) through Papatlo and Rakhuna (3rd September 2009) then Ranaka and Moshaneng (22nd September 2009). The issues addressed by the Minister draw across departments. Issues of national interest in this Ministry run across passport, Omang cards, registration of birth and deaths, internship programme, women/gender affairs, registrations of societal groups, labour issues amongst the lot.

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