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Lephata la Pereko le Selegae (MLHA)
Botswana National Policy on HIV/AIDS and Employment

The MLHA has developed a draft national policy that is formulated to provide a normative foundation to guide the conduct of all parties to the employment relationship and to promote mutual understanding of all, including government, employers and employees in managing HIV and AIDS issues through the establishment of workplace programmes.

Its application is intended to result in a safe, healthy and productive workforce, by fostering the establishment of an environment that promotes the elimination of discrimination, stigma, ignorance and prejudice in the workplace.

The national policy is part of the country’s response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic, providing guidance to efforts to prevent the spread and manage the impact of HIV and AIDS in organisations. This policy is based on the principles of shared responsibility and accountability. The policy encourages the social partners to engage in regular dialogue so as to better understand and resolve HIV and AIDS related issues in the workplace. The policy proceeds from the fundamental position that HIV testing remains a strong foundation for prevention, care, support    and treatment services. However, such testing must be done in accordance with national protocols and informed consent of the workers.     

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