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Lephata la Pereko le Selegae (MLHA)
Dikagang tsa bong le go baya bomme mo go tseyeng ditshwetso
Dikagang tsa bong le go baya bomme mo go tseyeng ditshwetso

In Botswana, women constitute majority of the population and working poor compared to their male counterparts.  A high proportion of female headed households are “poor” or very poor (50%) than the male – headed households’ category at (44%) at (44%). In 2008, 37% of the public service positions of decision is occupied by women. This is an improvement compared to 2002 where women made only 30% of the civil service decision makers as revealed by the 2002 Gender Disaggregated Data report. Furthermore the public and the private sector are connected together and if there is no excellence of women in the public sector in terms of this indicator, then the private is experiencing the same.

The domination of positions of Decision making by men in this country could be concluded to be hindrance to the advancement of women. It could be further concluded that the national decisions are made with minimal influence from women. The indicator above shows that in  Botswana women constitute majority of populations, compared to the SADC countries where the situation is the same, and if the decision making segment of the population is dominated by men, it means that national decisions are made by the segment that represent less than half of the country’s population.

In conclusion, it would be worth noting that Botswana is a signatory to number of declarations that commit the countries to facilitate positioning of women into decision making positions. This could be achieved either through reshuffling, posting and reposting women into positions of decision making in order to realize the desired percentage representation of women into those positions. This will make an impact and eventually facilitate change towards achieving gender equality.

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