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Lephata la Maranyane, Ditlhaeletsanyo le Boitseanape
Dikitsiso le Boranyane
Ka ga Lephata la Dikitsiso le Boranyane (DIT)

Lephata la Dikitso le le tlholegileng e le la “Puso la dibala- makgolo” le ne la hudisiwa mo go la  Madi le Ditogamaano tsa Ditlhabololo go ya kwa go la Ditlhaeletsanyo, Boranyane le Boitseanpe ka ngwaga wa 2002.

Lephata le neela bodiredi le tsamaiso ya bodiredi jwa ditlhaeletsano le dikitsiso mo setšhabeng . Gape le neela bogakolodi mo go tsa boranyane mo maphateng a puso le makalana a yone.

Ditirelo tse dingwe  tse di fapegileng di akaretsa ditlhaeletsanyo jaaka website ya puso, e-mail le inthanete. Go neela tirelo e e tsepameng ya tsa boranyane e kgaogantse dingwe ditirelo tsa yone, mme ya itebaganya le tsa ditumalano tsa ka thoko, dingwe tsa tsone e le go baakanya dibala makgolo tsa puso mo bodireding le maphata a puso a a ikadileng ka dipalo kana maphatana a le 86 766

Lephata la DIT le kgaogantswe gane, ka maina a alatelang;

·         Infrastructure Services Support (ISS)

·         Ministry Support Services (MSS)

·         Projects

·         Strategy

Tebelopele, Maitlamo le Tse di botlhokwa

Re neela tirelo ya boranyane jwa ICT e e boikanyego,  e sireletsegile , e tsibogela  go anamisiwa ga  ditirelo tse di tshephegang mo setšhabeng.

Maitlamo Re tlaa di goga kwa pele mo go diriseng boranyane jwa ICT go fefosa ditlhabololo tsa setšhaba”

Tse di botlhokwa 

-          Go itebaganya le diemo ka fo ralogana

-          Go tsibogela diemo ka bofefo

-          Go tshwara diphiri

-          Go berekela mo nakong ka botlalo le go fitlhelela maikaelelo

-          Go supa lerato

-          BOTHO

-          Go tlhaloganyesega motlhofo

-          Go tswa ka megopolo e meša

-          Tebelopele

-          Go amogela dipharologanyo

-          Go utlwisisa

-          Go direla mo pontsheng


Development of the ICT Internal Reticulation Regulations

The study intends to assess and establish requirements to facilitate regulations for ICT internal ducting and cabling including wireless where appropriate, for Government and Commercial buildings to be a mandatory part of approval process of building designs. The goal is to provide for the minimum installation of cabling systems resulting in operational performance of Botswana government and the commercial sector. The study is expected to start mid 2009.

World Information Society Day Commemoration

Kaudwane in Letlhakeng Sub-District will host the annual World Telecommunications Day this year. Every year the May 17th is celebrated in various districts, targeting the remotest villages.

The objective of the event is to create an impact after the celebrations are over where services will be left behind and this will "bring Kaudwane into the world map." This year's theme is "Protecting Children in Cyberspace". The theme is appropriate because it recognizes children and young people, as well as enhancing the development of children in ICT.

It should be noted that life depends on information technology; therefore every Motswana has the right to communication regardless of place and status. Children should be protected from abuse in the context of ICT (i.e. Pornography and vulgar language).

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