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Customer Service Mission

We are committed to putting you first and providing you with excellent customer service.

We therefore promise to:

·         Provide prompt feedback

·         Keep complaints confidential

·         Explain our decision

·         Use complaints to review and improve services

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction towards services rendered. A customer should complain if:

·         Service is not delivered on time;

·         Information provided is wrong;

·         Service is not delivered in a courteous manner;

Complaint Process

·         Step 1 - A verbal report should be made and instant feedback will be provided if possible.

·         Step 2

o   A written submission should be submitted in the event the matter is not resolved at Step 1.

o   A holding response will be provided within two (2) working days to acknowledge receipt of complaint.

o   A written response will be provided within five (5) working days.

In lodging complain please ensure the following:

·         Name

·         Address

·         phone number

·         Define your complaint

·         Step 3 - A customer should escalate the complaint to Director Ministry Management, in the event a satisfactory solution is not provided at Step 2.

·         Step 4 - A customer may escalate the complaint to the Permanent Secretary, in the event a satisfactory solution is not provided at Step 3.

Contact Customer Service

The Public Relations Office coordinates the complaints procedure, undertakes reviews of complaints and is the link between Director Ministry Management and Permanent Secretary Office.


If you wish to make an appointment to discuss a complaint please contact:


Ms Titi L. Nyadza, Principal Public Relations Officer

Phone: 3612004

E-mail: tnyadza@gov.bw




Mr. Amangwe Madisakwana, Public Relations Officer

Phone: 3612009

E-mail: amadisakwana@gov.bw

Toll Free no. 0800 600 779

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