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Lephata la Botsogo (MOH)
Safe Male Circumcision
Safe Male Circumcision

It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Health that some traditional circumcisers are performing male circumcision procedure at a cost in some parts of the country and clients have been admitted to a government hospital for care due to complications.

The Ministry of Health is informing the Public that Safe Male Circumcision services are available in all 26 primary and district hospitals and some clinics across the country and are free of charge for citizens. The Public is advised to avoid going to traditional healers or circumcisers for circumcision because of the possibility of complications such as high infection rate due to the unsterilised and therefore unhygienic instruments that could transmit infections including HIV.

The Ministry of Health is therefore appealing to the general public to go to the nearest health facility for safe male circumcision. The health facilities are equipped with trained medical doctors and nurses who perform male circumcision in a safe environment to minimize complications.

The public is further advised to report to the local authorities and the nearest health facility any traditional healers/circumcisers or non-medical people who are doing male circumcision.

Dr Kolaatamo Malefho
Director of Health Services
Ministry of Health

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