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Lephata la Botsogo (MOH)
Lephata la thibelo le thokomelo ya AIDS

The purpose of the Department of AIDS Prevention and Care is to provide leadership in provision of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services in the health sector, through facilitation of policy and program development for health systems adequate response in provision of prevention, treatment, care and support services of HIV/AIDS.


1. To develop and implement strategies, interventions and programmes for the prevention of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

2. To provide leadership and guidance in the coordination and implementation of treatment, care and support services at all levels for people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

3. Provide technical and institutional support to projects, programmes, institutions, organizations, NGOs and CBOs including the Traditional Healers and the People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) in health related interventions.

4. To coordinate and implement HIV/AIDS/STI information management system and ensure its integration into the health sector programmes.

5. To develop capacity for HIV/AIDS/STI programme implementation and management in the health sector through coordination and facilitation of HIV/AIDS training.


1. Prevention (Transmission Control Services)

i) Provide Behavior Change Interventions and Communication (BCIC) on HIV /AIDS in the health sector for HIV/ AIDS and STI interventions.

ii) Provide HIV, AIDS and STI Counseling and Testing services.

iii) Provide AIDS information at the workplace for the health sector and provide technical guidance to HIV/AIDS workplace programmes.

2. Care and Support

i)Provide comprehensive quality clinical care for people infected by HIV/AIDS through provision of ARV Treatment and management of Opportunistic Infections.

ii) Prevent and manage Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

iii) Provide comprehensive Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
(PMTCT) services.

iv) Provide comprehensive Community Home Based Care (CHBC)

v) Provide support and promote greater involvement of PLWHA
in health sector response

3. AIDS Information Management & KITSO HIV/AIDS Training

i) Monitor and evaluate the Health Sector HIV/AIDS Response

ii) Track the HIV and AIDS epidemic by conducting second generation HIV/AIDS/STI Sentinel Surveillance.

iii) Coordinate HIV/AIDS/STI related research in the country

iv) Develop and implement training strategy and master training plan on HIV/AIDS/STI

v) Coordinate development and review in-service training curriculum on HIV/AIDS.

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