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Lephata la Temothuo (MOA)
Bacteriology Section

The Bacteriology Section of the National Veterinary Laboratory (NVL) tests samples for bacterial and fungal disease diagnosis. Samples received at the section include: fresh tissues; swabs from body cavities and fluids; sera; whole blood and tissue smears. The section aid practitioners in disease investigation by providing definitive diagnosis of a disease condition and also in ruling out other possible causes. From a Governments’ perspective, the lab plays an important role in the facilitation of surveillance programs for notifiable diseases like Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP).

Staff Complement

The section has a team of 10, comprising:


·         Principal Veterinary Officer I (PVO I) – Head of Section

·         Veterinary Officer (VO) – Deputy Head of Section

·         Senior Scientific Officer (SSO)

·         Assistant Scientific Officer (ASO)

·         Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

·         Principal Technical Officer (PTO)

·         Senior Technical Officer (STO)

·         Technical Officers (TO) – two

·         Senior Technical Assistant I (STAI)

·         Laboratory Attendant



The Bacteriology section is divided into three units:

·         Molecular Biology (PCR)

·         General Diagnostics

·         Serology


Each unit represents a particular mode of testing and specific tests have been allocated to each unit.

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