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Tsamaiso le go Diragadiwa ga Molao (AoJ)
Mananeo le Ditlhabolo
Judicial Case Management (JCM)

JCM is a system where the court and not other case participants control the progress of cases. Under this system, the court takes the responsibility for the movement of cases from the time they are registered, ensuring that no case is left idle from initiation to completion.

Under JCM, each case coming before the court is assigned immediately, upon registration to a Judge who will be responsible for it throughout its life. JCM places justice and the completion of the case above purely technical rules and introduces the Judge as early as possible to see to it that this is so. The system has tremendously improved the pace of litigation since its introduction in February 2008. The system is being implemented in the High Court’s with plans to roll it out to the Magistrates’ Courts.

Court Records Management System (CRMS)

Putting the Judiciary on the path of 21st century requires the mastery and use of modem technology. Court Records Management System ( known as the CRMS), as its name implies, is the technological tool for recording and keeping all files and other information safe for accurate and quick reference. CRMS computers are configured to be multifunctional; and regard to a case file, CRMS will reveal the parties in the case, the pleadings, the status and age of the file and all orders that have been made in the case.

CRMS is providing its worth as AOJ has started the reforms in the courts. Since CRMS is such a good tool for management in effecting control and direction, its installation throughout the courts is being quickened. With accurate statistics and information which can be obtained from the system, it is possible for AOJ to benchmark its performance with that of neighboring countries and where possible to take necessary action. Furthermore once fully developed, the system will allow courts to view information associated with individual cases, orders and other official documents and ultimately reduce or eliminate volumes of papers used in the courts.

Small Claims Court & Specialized Courts
The Small Claims Court Act that prescribes the use of lay magistrates amongst others, has been passed by Parliament and the courts are due to be established in two pilot sites, Gaborone and Francistown. In addition Magistrates Courts have specialized courts that deal with e.g. Maintenance and Traffic cases. A specialized Stock Theft Court is also planned to be established in the Magistrates’ courts during the course of this financial year (2009/2010). All these reforms are aimed at improving service delivery as well as fulfilling the mandate of AOJ of delivering Justice expeditiously.
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