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Tsamaiso le go Diragadiwa ga Molao (AoJ)

Amogelesegang mo Webosieteng ya ba Tsamaiso le go Diragadiwa ga Molao!

Go tsamaisiwa le go diragadiwa ga molao mo Botswana ke boikarabelo jwa ba Tsamaiso ya Molao, mme bo akaretsa:
  • Kgotlakgolo ya Ditsheko ya Boikuelo
  • Kgotlakgolo ya Ditsheko
  • Lekgotla la ga Makaseterata
  •  Dikgotla

 Kgotlakgolo ya Ditsheko ke yone e tsamaisang merero yotlhe e e amanang le tsamaiso le tiragatso ya molao, jaaka fa e filwe dithata tsa go sekisa dikgetsi tsotlhe, tsa borukutlhi le tse e seng tsa borukhutlhi, go kanoka dithata mo tsamaisong ya makgotla otlhe a mabotana, mme tsa yone dikatlholo di sekasekwa ke Kgotlakgolo ya Boikuelo ya Botswana.


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Tlhatologana ya bodiredi jwa dikgotla tshekelo
The Court of Appeal is the apex Court, the highest and final court in the land. The Court is the final arbiter of all legal matters in Botswana. Currently, there are eight expatriate Judges of the Court of Appeal
Mananeo le Ditlhabolo
JCM is a system where the court and not other case participants control the progress of cases. Under this system, the court takes the responsibility for the movement of cases from the time they are registered
Ofisi ya Morena
The Master is an officer appointed under section 4 of the Administration of Estates Act, CAP 31:01 for purposes of Administering Estates of deceased persons. Administration of an estate involves the gathering of the property of the estate and distributing
Bathusi ba basekisi le barongwa ba dikgotla tshekelo
Deputy Sheriffs, Court Bailiffs and Messengers of Court are Court officers appointed by the Registrar of the High Court in terms of the Law.
If you are not happy with the service you have received from Court Officers or with any procedural steps they have taken in your case, you have the opportunity following receipt of your complaint to put things right.
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