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Old Palapye
Old Palapye
Old Palapye is a composite site with material culture encompassing Middle Stone Age, Late Stone Age, Early and Late Iron Age as well as the 19th century. The site is well known because of the remains of the Ngwato capital, which was established there in 1889, during the reign of the famous Kgosi Khama III. The Bangwato were moving from Shoshong where there was environmental degradation including water shortage.They also moved there to consolidate political power and safeguard their boundary in the area. The Amandebele and the British South Africa Company (BSA Co) were threatening to take their land. The establishment of the town played a major role in defining the boundaries of this country. Old Palapye was one of the largest towns in Southern Africa in 1889, with about 30000 inhabitants. It is an example of organized state formation in Southern Africa at the time.Archaeological remains at the site include circular foundations, verandas, several stonewalls, red ochre pottery, iron implements and remains of the London Missionary Society church. Other sources of attraction include waterfalls, rock paintings, graves, stone Cairns and remains of granary bases.

Driving Directions:

Old Palapye is situated in the northwest of the Tswapong area in Eastern Botswana. To get there - Take the Gaborone-Francistown (A1) highway. Just before Palapye turn to the east and join the Martin's Drift Road. Drive to Lecheng and then follow the signboard to Malaka. The site is about 5 kilometres southeast of the village.
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