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Matsieng is one of the well-known "Creation Sites" in southern Africa. Rock engravings or petroglyphics are the main attraction at the site. These are in the form of u-shaped footprints with dots representing animal tracks (felines). In addition to the engravings, there are two large holes at Matsieng. These retain water for a long time depending on rainfall conditions. It has not been established whether the holes are natural or volcanic.The site is associated with the creation myth that attempts to explain cosmology. Legend has it that Matsieng is one of the ancestors of the Sotho-Tswana, who emerged from the site followed by his people and animals. At this time, the rocks were "wet" and soft.Footprints were left on the rocks. While respecting local folklore, the animal and human footprints are actually engravings created by the ancestors of the modern San people during the Late Stone Age.Water holes and caves are sacred to the San people especially for rainmaking purposes.

Driving Directions

Matsieng is on the southeastern hard veld of Botswana in the Kgatleng District, near Rasesa village. The site is accessible along the Gaborone-Francistown (A1) road, about 45 minutes drive from the nation's capital. After passing Rasesa village, you drive for 10 kilometres, and then turn off. Follow signboards. The site is about a kilometre from the tarred road.
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