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Manyana Rock Paintings Shelter
Manyana Rock Paintings Shelter
Manyana is one of the few rock art sites that make us think beyond Tsodilo Hills in terms of rock art. It is one of the most accessible sites in Botswana, less than an hour's drive from Gaborone. The significant thing about Manyana is that rock paintings are very rare in the southeast of Botswana. There are several paintings scattered around the cliffs in the village. They are believed to have been created as part of religious activities. It seems that this was a sacred site which people regularly visited for certain rituals. Manyana is also one of the few rock art sites with black paintings. These have potential for carbon 14 dating.

Driving Directions:

Manyana rock painting shelter is situated on the outskirts of Manyana village. Approach the road to Manyana village from either Boatle or Mankgodi. 7.5km from Thamaga road.Follow the signpost and take a turn to the southwest, leading to the village 6.6 km away. Turn abruptly right, cross the Kolobeng river. On reaching a T-junction, turn left to the kgotla and you will see a small hill.
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