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ICT Pitso 2012 - "Innovative Service Delivery', 10-11 Septem...
<span style=" mso-ansi-language: en-gb">Day 1


" target="_blank">Global Information Technology Report 2012, ‘Living in a Hyperconnected World’ – ‘Benchmarking Botswana’s Performance’, presented by Dr. P. Thobokwe, Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC)


" target="_blank">Development of ICT and Legal Framework in Botswana, presented by Dr. Advocate Abraham M Keetshabe, General Counsel, Office of the President


" target="_blank">‘ICT & Integration of People with Disabilities’, presented by Coordinating Office for People with Disabilities


" target="_blank">Impact of Privatisation, Competition and Regulation on the ICT Sector


ICT PITSO Sector Updates, presented by National ICT Coordinator

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