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Response to TimesLive-"Decision of five African states to se ...
Response to TimesLive-"Decision of five African states to sell rhino horn criticised"

I note with concern the above article published online by your newspaper, in which you falsely report that:

"Government officials from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Angola and Namibia reportedly met in Windhoek on Monday, where they agreed to allow the sale of rhino horn powder in clinics and pharmacies around the region."

There has been no such meeting much less agreement among the above mentioned states.  

In this respect the Government of Botswana has already issued a press release denouncing the the content of said report, which  to our knowledge first appeared on a mobile link to the TimesLive website in South Africa, authored by a certain Vladimir Mzaca.

We have further reaffirmed our steadfast support for a total ban on the trade of any rhino products.

It is a shame that your newspapr could publish such a false and potentially damaging report without first checking its validity with the appropriate authorities in the countries concerned.

Dr. Jeff Ramsay
Deputy Permanent Secretary for Government Communications Office of the President, Republic of Botswana

Cell - 267-71318598