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DCEC revamps its assesment of reports
DCEC revamps its assesment of reports
DCEC revamps its assesment of reports

DCEC revamps its assesment of reports

In an endeavour to improve service delivery, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) has adjusted its initial report assessment processes, in line with international best practice. This has been done to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness with which it assesses and then investigates new complaints.

The DCEC has assembled a team of experienced anti-corruption officers who will be known as the DCEC’s Assessment Section. This section will receive complaints and other information from members of the public, with a focus on eliciting comprehensive information and maintaining a focus on the circumstances and concerns of the complainant or source.

After the initial complaint is made, or source information provided, the complainant or source will have seven days to provide the DCEC with any supporting materials or any further information that might assist the DCEC’s assessment of the matter. After this seven day period, the responsible Assessment Officer will conduct appropriate preliminary inquiries and then thoroughly analyse all the information that has been received. This analysis will culminate in the preparation of an Assessment Report relating to the complaint or information.

The Assessment Reports will be reviewed by an Assessment Panel of senior and experienced DCEC officers. This Panel will determine what action the DCEC will take in relation to the information, and in particular, whether the matter will be subjected to a full investigation.

In the usual course, complainants and other sources will be advised of the outcome of the Panel’s decision within 28 days of making the complaint or providing the information. Some matters will require urgent attention; hence these matters will be appropriately expedited.

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