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Honourable Frank J. Ramsden At the launch of infor marketing ...
Honourable Frank J. Ramsden At the launch of infor marketing (pty) ltd
Honourable Frank J. Ramsden At the launch of infor marketing (pty) ltd
Republic of Botswana SPEECH BY THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS Honourable frank j. Ramsden At the launch of infor marketing (pty) ltd GABORONE TUESDAY 16 AUGUST 2011 Members of Parliament Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications Heads of Department and Parastatal Organisations Representatives of the Mining Sector The Media fraternity Ladies and Gentlemen It is an honour for me to be invited to speak at this event which marks an exciting time for one of our young Entrepreneurs who has taken the opportunity to grow the communications industry in Botswana. I am confident she was buoyed by the interest our country has in developing its people into a knowledge based society and the successes made so far in the telecommucations sector, particularly the notion of convergence of technologies. Satellite communication is key to the smooth operations of Government and the private sector. It is a medium that is safe and always-on to give us the assurance that key sectors such as the military, the media and mining industries will always have a safe avenue to rely on. The history of satellite systems usage in Botswana began way back in the early eighties with the construction of the Kgale Earth Station, largely because the country is landlocked. The earth station allowed Botswana to connect with Europe via the United Kingdom for international connectivity. This Earth Station is still in operation today as it continues to provide an alternative route to the undersea cable connectivity of SAT-3 until quite recently when Botswana connected to the East African Submarine System (EASSy) and early next year when the country connects to the West African Cable System (WACS). I am quite aware that the lease of capacity in satellite systems comes at a substantial cost. I am also aware of the potential atmospheric interference satellite systems are prone to. However, satellite technology has been improved exponentially to compensate for errors in the past. Satellite technology remains appropriate particularly where the terrain is vast and difficult such as some parts of our country. Furthermore it is quite easy to rig up connectivity to communicate with your customers. For example newsrooms can stay in touch with their crews no matter where they are to report events as they take place. By introducing satellite communication, newsrooms can avoid reporting stale news. We have seen how live broadcasts were facilitated from around the World with data and images streamed live to studios from sites where events took place. Natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina and Tsunami were a case in point. The Mining Sector can always benefit from satellite communication in that activities within operation areas can be monitored and tracked. These could be mineral deposits, location of heavy plant and machinery, including the transportation of ore. From humble beginnings Infor-Build Marketing has brought us together as a local supplier that can provide a new dimension in the country’s communications market. True to her vision, I wish to declare that Infor-Build Marketing, the provider of satellite communication products, has been officially launched in Botswana. Thank you for your attention. PULA!