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Compassion is not choreographed.
Compassion is not choreographed.

This Office has taken note of various media enquiries and innuendos suggesting that H.E. the President’s encounter with a lady in the Woodhall Ward of Lobatse on Saturday was somehow a “set up” or “choreographed”.

Here, we wish to state for the record that the encounter was unplanned and entirely by chance.

 In our view this fact should have been clear to anyone who saw the news clip. In the clip it was in our view plain enough that the woman concerned had approached the President.

This sort of unplanned encounter with ordinary Batswana from all walks of life has been a common feature during His Excellency’s walkabouts.

We have also been asked if others might have, somehow, been involved in a so-called setup?

Here we would simply note that H.E. the President’s visit to Woodhall had only been communicated to the MP for the Constituency, the Hon. Nehemiah Modubule, the District Commissioner, the Mayor and local police.

We have also received more than one enquiry as to why the President decided to give the person in question money?

Again as viewers would have seen for themselves, His Excellency was simply reacting as an ordinary human would to another’s plea for compassion. This is something that surely most of us can relate too.

While the President has made similar gestures on other occasions, his act of compassion should not be interpreted to mean that he or anyone else can provide such relief in every case.

Finally, this Office wishes to express its disappointment at having received reliable information that since Saturday’s chance encounter, the Lady in question has been harassed  and even threatened.

We regard this is not in keeping with our time honoured values of Botho.