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Response to Echo Newspaper “Masire Hospitalised”
Response to Echo Newspaper “Masire Hospitalised”

With reference to the above article, which appeared on page 2 of today’s edition of your newspaper, I wish to point out an inaccuracy which I trust arose from a simple error of communication.

In the article you accurately report that I confirmed that the Vice President is recuperating very well in hospital. Your report goes on to state that I expected him [i.e. the Vice President] to be released before the end of the week. This is inaccurate. In this regard, I suspect your reporter confused my remarks about Masire with those about Merafhe as the Former President was by then already scheduled for release when your reporter called, which I did confirm.

At any rate I have not, and at this stage cannot, suggest a timeframe for H.H. the Vice President’s release though we remain encouraged about reports of his post operative progress.

Thank you

From: Dr. Jeff Ramsay, DPS for Media