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Foot and Mouth Suspect Case Lesoma crush Chobe District
Foot and Mouth Disease suspect case Lesoma crush

The Department of Veterinary Services wishes to inform the general public about unconfirmed highly suggestive cases of foot and mouth disease in Lesoma crush in Chobe District. Lesoma is about 20 km east of Kasane village. The first three cases were identified in cattle by an extension officer on the 3rd August 2010. The current cumulative case count is 34 cases from three kraals from a total of nine kraals. Further confirmatory laboratory investigations are on-going.

These unconfirmed cases of foot and mouth disease do not affected the current  country export status. All export abattoirs will continue slaughtering as usual.

 In order to reduce the risk of spread and determine the extent of the outbreak the following measures have been put in place with immediate effect;

 1.   Surveillance is on-going to determine the extent of disease spread and behaivour.

2.   Emergency vaccination will soon start, in order to reduce  the rate of disease spread.

3.   Movement of all cloven hoofed animals and their derived fresh products is not allowed within and out of Chobe District. Movement of other FMD risk material like grass and others is also not allowed.

4.   A checkpoint has been set up at Ngwasha veterinary gate and other checkpoints will be set up at Pandamatanga north gate and Chobe National Park east gate, to ensure that travelers do not move anything that is restricted. All vehicles and shoes will be disinfected using a 4% soda solution when passing through the checkpoints. However, the imposed movement restrictions do not affect the rest of the country.

5.   Public education is on-going within Chobe District to make the general public aware of the current FMD situation.

Farmers, travelers and the general public are strongly advised to cooperate with the Department of Veterinary Services. Farmers in Chobe district are urged and encouraged to bring all their animals for inspection and vaccination on the specified dates.

 The public will be regularly updated on the disease situation.