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Cabinet Office
Functions and Services Of The Office Of Cabinet
  • To provide registry for all Cabinet records, including save custody of the records.
  • Review ministerial submissions and redirect them for action as may be necessary.
  • Provide logistical/operational secretarial support to the Cabinet and its Committees.
  • Process issues for consideration by Cabinet, including the preparation and circulation of the agenda and supporting document(s).
  • Guide Ministries and other arms of Government on Cabinet procedure and processes.
  • Coordinate and guide Ministerial Submissions to Cabinet.
  • To issue Presidential Directives following Cabinet decisions on matters presented to it for decision-making.
  • Follow-up on Cabinet decisions with the concerned Ministries and other Stakeholders to ensure timely and effective execution of Cabinet decision.
  • Prepare and submit for Cabinet’s consideration monthly reports on the implementation of Directives.
  • To serve as a bridge between Cabinet (the executive arm) and other arms of Government by amongst others, processing Parliamentary questions to ensure that they reach the concerned Ministries and adequate responses thereto are made; coordinating Government business to Parliament; and ensuring that Bills approved by Parliament are signed and ascended to by H.E the President within the timeframe required by the law/constitution.