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Government considers Regulation in ICT Reticulation
Botswana is presently overwhelmed with problems of deploying quality ICT Infrastructure reticulation for commercial, institutional and residential buildings adhering to international best practice.
Government considers Regulation in ICT Reticulation

The near absence of effective implementation of appropriate telecommunications and ICT standards results in a number of incidences where network infrastructure is unavailable for service provision upon completion of new buildings.


These incomplete buildings result in time loss and defacing of structures, roads, etc through surface chopping to make way for relevant ducting and cabling works. In a workshop recently held on ICT Reticulation, one of the presenters said ICT usually comes at a very late stage after the project is complete This results in added costs and general customer dissatisfaction in terms of performance, capabilities and aesthetics.


The ICT Reticulation Regulations in the Building Control Act currently under review aims to create processes for mandatory standards. These standards should be able to adapt to the evolution of technology and markets by ensuring the continued provision of essential ICT services to Government and Commercial buildings in an effective and efficient manner.


On their part stakeholders requested the Department of Buildings and Engineering Services (DBES) to establish a monitoring office and enforce mandatory Inspection.