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Awarding of tenders

Awarding of Tender


Through the Ministerial Tender Committee, the Ministry of Agriculture Adjudicates and award tenders in line with the procurement procedures specified in the PPAD Act (No 10 of 2003) and is expected to at all times comply with the financial thresholds  (currently between P20 000.01 and P5 000 000.00) and reporting conditions specified by the PPADB from time to time.


The MTC is mandated to ensure that all decisions relating to procurement and disposal process incorporate and promote:

        Competition among contractors

        Fair and equitable treatment of all contractors


The tendering cycle in the MTC is as follows;


(Formal Tender)

  1. Vetting of the ITT
  2. Publishing the tender
  3. Submission of bids
  4. Tender closure and opening
  5. Submission to the Procuring Entity for evaluation
  6. Submission to the MTC for adjudication and award
  7. Notification and publication of committee decisions on tender request
  8. Contract award /agreements
  9. Contract implementation (engagement)


 (Informal Tender)

  1. Requests for quotations
  2. Submission of bids
  3. Tender closure and opening
  4. Submission to the Procuring Entity for evaluation
  5. Submission to the MTC for adjudication and award
  6. Notification and publication of committee decisions on tender request
  7. Contract award /agreements
  8. Contract implementation (engagement)



Procurement Methods

The other methods of procurement which in anyway follow the same procedures as outlined above are; Selective Tendering, Open International/Local  bidding, Restricted Local/International bidding, Expression of Interest and Direct Procurement.


For us to fully discharge the above procurement methods we are guided by the annual procurement plan submitted by various departments which  is a written document indicating the goods, works and services, expected to be procured, the procurement methods, recurring and non-recurring expenditure, the targets and milestones, and the estimated costs.



Cost of Tender Documents

As per the Circular Savingram Ref ACC.C227 I (7) dated 15 August 2008, from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, the standardization of the cost of buying tender documents in government was implemented to ensure that documents are collected by serious bidders as well as to ensure cost recovery by the government. The charges are standard across all government ministries to promote open, fair and transparent tendering and commercial practices across government. The prices are outlined below;



Tender Type

Cost of Tender Document

Procurement of various Supplies up to P5 million


Procurement of various Supplies above P5 million


Procurement of various Services up to P5 million


Procurement of various Services above P5 million

P1 100.00



Important: As a procurement facilitation independent body, we are greatly concerned about bidders who fail to honor contract agreements after tender awards. This negatively affects the ministry at large and the idea of a developed, productive and innovative Botswana due to under quoting which results in supply of low quality products, delayed project completions and or completely failing projects. We emphasize serious competitors to ensure serious procurement developments.


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