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The deepest global economic downturn in recent history caused an unprecedented loss of national income for Botswana. Government revenue to finance development initiatives was severely impaired,threatening to stall the hard earned progress towards achieving the aspirations of Vision 2016.


This budget responds by laying the foundation for a transformation of the Botswana economy. It identifies what must be done by Government and the private sector to resume rapid economic growth, while broadening the sources of growth beyond the mineral sector. The transformation begins now, but will be an ongoing process.

The principal thrusts of the expenditure budget are:

• Heavy investment in education and health of Batswana;
• Major infrastructure projects in electricity and water to serve the growing private sector demand;
• Privatisation and rationalisation of services provided by Government and parastatals to enhance efficiency, and open up new opportunities for citizen participation;
• Poverty reduction policies and taxation policies will be supportive of the transformation;
• Special initiatives, such as the Hubs, to focus attention on specific high return opportunities. Click Budget Speech for a full report.