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Department of Building and Engineering Services (DBES)

The Department came into being on the 11th of August 2003 following Government decision to merge the former Department of Architecture and Building Services (DABS) and the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS).  The Department has the portfolio responsibility for Government building development projects, their associated infrastructure, engineering services and the maintenance of government building, electrical and mechanical stock.

During the last decade, Botswana experienced a phenomenal growth in Gross Development Product (GDP) with a corresponding increase in activities including construction projects. The growth in the construction industry has been driven largely by Government projects initiated by Ministries albeit with their implementation being the responsibility of this Department.  To date the Department has in all over three hundred (300) building construction projects at various stages of development.

The Department has since been structured to meet the systemic problems that were inherent in the former DABS and DEMS.  The focus has therefore been on creating a viable and vibrant Department that is modernised and streamlined to be efficient in service delivery.

The advent of this website would therefore serve to inform the wider public on a range of activities and functions associated with this Department.