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Application for Importation of Llive Animals
Application for Importation of Live Animals

Description of the service

Live animals either domesticated or wild may be imported into Botswana from other specified countries under certain conditions. These conditions are stipulated in a veterinary import permit (VIP) and the imported animals should be subjected to these requirements.  The requirements include among others disease freedom, quarantining, treatments, vaccinations and laboratory tests. The animals that qualify for export are then issued with an export health certificate detailing the type, identification and number of animals, owner details, transportation route and vehicle registration, port of exit and any other details that are required by Botswana. The two original documents should accompany the consignment at all times.

How do I apply to import live animals?

 For a successful importation of animals, a prospective importer needs to obtain a Veterinary Import Permit from the department of veterinary services. The importer needs to fill in an application form (DVS-Ocp-Doc: 2011/Import-Export. Form 04).The application form seeks to gather information on the origin of the products and the final destination of the products in Botswana.

On receiving the filled form the department assesses the level of risk in importing the said products. If the level is acceptable, the importer is given a Veterinary import permit. The import permit is to be given to the Competent Authority in the exporting country to attest and certify the stipulated import requirements. The consignment is then processed at gazetted border entry points. The consignment should be accompanied by original copies of the veterinary import permit and export health certificate.

An application form may be downloaded, completed and sent to main offices at District level or Permits Office Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters, Gaborone. The permits can either be for the importation of live animals and animal product. Issuance of VIP for animal products are decentralised to Districts but live animal importation is centralised to Permits Office in Gaborone. The centralised VIP for live animals excludes dogs, cats, poultry and competition horses. The application form contains all information that is required to process the VIP.

How long does it take to acquire the permit?

The permit will be issued within 24hrs of receipt of the application by the permits office. This application is at no cost to the applicant. The process and time frame for acquiring the health certificate from the exporting country will depend on that country`s procedures. At least a month should be anticipated to complete the process.

Do these documents expire?

Veterinary import permits and certificates have expiry dates and these should be observed at all times. Veterinary import permits for live animals expires in three (3) months from date of issue to allow all processes to be completed. All documents that accompany the animals should be valid to facilitate clearance at the port of entry

Which ports of entry can be used for importation of live animals?

There are Six(6) designated ports of entry to receive and process live animals in to Botswana and these are:

Border Inspection Point

Contact Tel. No


659 6381

McCarthy's rust

654 0212

Bray/ Hereford

654 0212


548 6700


313 2008/ 397 4152

Martin`s Drift

491 5910

Other border entry points for Processing Livestock Products and Feeds are:

  • Ramokgwebana
  •  Kazungula
  •  Pioneer             










The operating times for these border points for inspection of live animals are between 07:30 to 12:45 and from 13:45 to 16:30 during weekdays. These services are not available during weekends and public holidays. Animals may only be inspected and processed during daylight and importers are advised to adhere to these operating times. Importers are advised to contact the border inspection officials at the above numbers in advance for planning purposes.

Can I use this same form for importation of semen?

Yes the application form for live animals may be used to apply for semen but the veterinary import permit will be specifically for the importation of semen.

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