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Application for the sale of veterinary drugs and feeds
Application for the sale of veterinary drugs and feeds

1.  Service description

The Director of Veterinary Services is empowered to regulate veterinary drugs, vaccines, dips and any other chemicals that may be used on animals within Botswana. All manufacturers and traders who produce, distribute, sell or intend to do the same are supposed to seek written permission from the Director of Veterinary Services. This permission stipulates the items the applicant may trade with and mandates the manufacturere and trader to allow departmental officials access during routine inspections and spot checks for compliance.

2.  How do I apply for the service?

The applicant should fill out a form for onward submission to the: Director of Veterinary Services,  Private Bag 0032 Gaborone. Fax (267) 390 3744.Premises inspection is to be done at the District/Station where business is to be conducted.

Application Form


 3.  Are there any supporting documents required?

There are  prerequisite documents required for the application to distribute and or sell off the counter veterinary products and animal feeds. See  Important Information 


4.  Does the same apply to manufacturing animal feeds?

Manufacturing of animal feeds requires the applicant to submit additional information stating the type of feeds, specifications or formulations for all the feeds intended to be produced, the source of raw materials and other guarantees that the Director may require. Such guarantees include compliance to prohibition of use of specified hormones, growth promoters, thyrostatic compunds,  beta agonists and meat and bone meal of animal origin.

5.  What qualifications are required to dispense controlled veterinary drugs, medicines and vaccines?

The applicant is required to have employed a full time veterinarian or pharmacist  or equivalent for those dealing with vaccines and prescriptives only.In dealing with over the counter drugs the minimum qualification required is a Certificate in Animal Health and Production. For manufacturing of animal feeds, the credentials of a nutritionist in charge of the operations, should also be submitted with the application.

6.  Does this permission expire?

The permission from the Director of Veterinary services expires at the end of each year (1st January to 31st  December of each year) and can be renewed on application.Submission of supporting documents is a requirement on reapplication or renewal.

7.  Costs involved in obtaining the service

There is no cost to the applicants in obtaining the service.

8.  Where can I get more information?

For more information please contact:

Principal Scientific Officer

Ministry of Agriculture HQ

Department of Veterinary Services

P/bag 0032


Tel.: (267) 368 9521 or 3170081

Fax: (267) 390 3744