Republic of Botswana
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Support Sections
Cartographic Section

Provides a cartographic service to the Department through the production of geological maps at various scales including the new 1:1 000 000 national geological which is to be up-dated every 10 years.

Drilling Section
This Section provides drilling (core, percussion, mud rotary, reverse circulation) and geotechnical services as well as cleaning and flushing monitoring boreholes.
Chemistry Laboratory
The Laboratory's principal function is to provide the analytical support required for the Department's groundwater investigation, mineral exploration and mapping programmes. This involves the production of analyses on a wide range of geological materials as well as the development of analytical methodology appropriate to a state-of-the-art research organisation. The Laboratory also provides limited technical services to prospectors, individual farmers and syndicates on any chemistry-related problems.
Mineral Dressing Laboratory

The purpose of this Lab is

  • To ensure that all submitted samples are properly analysed. provide analytical services of geological samples for use within the Department, other government departments, parastatals and consultants appointed by the government.
  • Provide rock and mineral preparation and testing services to the Department.
  • maintain an analytical databank for storing the results on the analyses carried out by the Laboratory
  • Research into various testing methods.
Technical Records and Library

The TR ensures that all information pertaining to the earth sciences is safeguarded, maintained and distributed. It also provides library and information services on the geology of the country and related subjects for use by the Department and other interested parties.