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Information Division
Mandate of the Information Division

The Division's mandate is to promote agricultural and rural development in Botswana. To facilitate this policy objective, Agricultural Information provides exclusive support to the Ministry's extension service

Sections in Information Division

In its effort to promote agricultural development, the division works through the extension service by supporting rural agricultural activities. It also works as the Public Relations arm for the Ministry of Agriculture. Therefore, the division provides useful information dissemination and public relations.

The Division has six sections:

  • Publication
  • Broadcasting
  • Campaigns
  • Audio Visual
  • Graphics and Photography.
Broadcasting Section

This section has two units: Radio and Television.


The Radio Unit is charged with the production of three agricultural radio programmes for broadcast in the national radio station (Radio Botswana) and one in RB 2.

Pitso ya Balemi ..........Tuesday ......1915 to 1945 hours

Molemi Ithute ............Thursday .....1915 to 1945 hours

Matimela ...................Sunday........1900 to 1915 hours

Breadbasket............... Tuesday.......2100 to 2130hrs on RB2.

  • Pitso ya Balemi is a magazine programme, composed of farm interviews and agricultural news.
  • Molemi Ithute is a feature programme combined with entertainment segment called Thibang Diphotlha (jingles, spot announcements and music).
  • Matimela is programme that broadcast a list of stray livestock that are in possession of District Councils.
  • Breadbasket is a Talk Show programme where experts from different fields discuss various agricultural issues. 

 TV Unit

The purpose of the Agriculture Television Programme is to develop subsistence farmers into commercial farmers by simplifying technical information through visuals. The programme also encourages new farmers into pursuing agriculture as a career. 

The programme promotes government Agricultural Policies and the operations of the Ministry. The programme airs weekly on Mondays.

Publication Section

Through its monthly news magazine "latest agrinews the section promotes and publicises information on the Ministry's development projects, policies and programmes such as LIMID, FENCING POLICY and any other research materials and extension materials carrying both technically and informational news.

The section also produces any other publication directed to the farming community. In addition, it distributes annual reports from different departments and divisions of the Ministry of Agriculture. For wider coverage the section runs a weekly column in the national paper the Botswana Daily News and another monthly column in the Kutlwano magazine, both Publications of the Department of Information Services.

Campaign Section

The Campaign Section writes Iketleetse magazine quarterly, which is meant to supplement the Agrinews and highlight some of the programmes or projects implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. The magazine is written in Setswana (local language).

Campaign staff attends agricultural activities such as shows, seminars, meetings, field days and farm walk. The section also mounts targeted educational campaigns on agricultural policies and programmes.

Contact person: Boikhutso Rabasha , 3914825