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Department of Information Technology(DIT)
About the Department of Information Technology (DIT)

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) originally known as the “Government Computer Bureau” was transferred from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to then Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology in 2002 and now a part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The department is a facilitator and administrator of information and communication technology services across the public sector.  It also plays an advisory role on all ICT related matters to government Ministries and departments. Other major services provided by the Department include website hosting for government, e-mail connectivity and internet access. In order to provide efficient ICT services, it has outsourced some of its functions, and manages the third party agreements, one of which is the maintenance of the micro computers in government ministries and departments, which has an asset base of about 86,766 units.


DIT has 4 core divisions:

·         Infrastructure Services Support (ISS)

·         Ministry Support Services (MSS)

·         Projects

·         Strategy

Vision, Mission and Values


 To provide a reliable, secure and responsive ICT environment that enables the deployment of effective national service.


 To be a leader in creating an ICT enabled environment for accelerated national development.


·         Flexibility

·         Responsive

·         Confidentiality

·         Efficient and Effective

·         Caring

·         “BOTHO”

·         Simplicity

·         Innovative

·         Visionary

·         Tolerant

·         Understanding

·         Transparent

Infrastructure Services Support (ISS)

Internet Support:


Government Data Network (GDN):