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Meat Inspection Training Centre

The Meat Inspection Training Centre was herein referred to as the Training Centre was established in 1984 through an agreement between Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Rome (working in conjunction with the Government of Denmark) and the Government of Botswana.


In 1991, the FAO handed over running of the Training Centre to the Government of Botswana. The Training Centre is presently under the direct control of the Director of Veterinary Services under whom is the Principal who sees to its day – to – day administration.


The Training Centre is designed to provide training courses for technicians of developing countries who, upon return to their various stations or countries, should be able to adopt improved methods of Meat Inspection and Meat Technology.

Location and Climatic Conditions

The Training Centre is located in Lobatse, Botswana, an important beef producing country of Africa. Lobatse is about 70 kms south of the capital, Gaborone, reputed to be the fastest growing city in Africa. Botswana has modern transport and communication facilities. Goods and services are readily available. The currency is Pula.


The climatic conditions in Botswana varies from very cold temperatures with frost in Autumn /Winter (April – October) to very warm in Spring / Summer. Temperature in midwinter (July – August) ranges from 4 – 12 C accompanied with frost in the night and a maximum temperature of 22 – 27 C during the day. Warm clothing is necessary for comfort during this time of the year. Between November and March the average minimum temperature is about 18 - 19 C and average maximum temperature is about 30 - 32 C.


The Training Centre consists of two classrooms, three hostel blocks with total bed space of 40, an administration block, staff offices, a library, a laboratory, a 2 bedroom guest house (usually reserved for consultants) and a slaughter house with meat processing facilities.


The abattoir which serves as training facility for the school has a capacity for about 50 head of cattle, 50 sheep, 50 goats and 50 pigs per day. Furthermore, the modern abattoir of the Botswana Meat Commission in the immediate neighborhood provides additional training facilities for the Centre. Board and Lodging consists of accommodation in double bedrooms and three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a varied diet.


Recreational facilities consist of table - tennis, dartboards, volleyball and basketball courts as well as provision for television / video viewing.

Administration, Finance and Sponsorship



The staff of the Centre under the supervision of the Principal consists of Academic and support staff. Services of Consultants in specialised areas may from time to time support the Centre’s training staff.


Finance and Sponsorship


Participation at the programmes involves the payment of prescribed fees. Participants can however apply, through their home governments and nominating Agencies to various Organizations such as management and Training Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London , WHO; UNDP; FAO; UNESCO; ADB and other Bodies for financial assistance.

Training Programmes
 The following courses are offered:


(A) Meat Inspection Course (24 Weeks)


(B) Slaughter Floor Operation Course (Meat Technology – 24 Weeks)


(C) Short Courses


These are organized on request. Regular courses are however mounted annually for workers in the Meat Industry of Botswana on Basic Hygiene Practices in the Meat Industry and Meat Processing Techniques. Certificates of participation are awarded at the end of each successful course.


Courses are conducted in English only. However, candidates who have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to comprehend the essence of the course may also be admitted.


The subject matters are developed through lectures, discussions and practical exercises.


Qualifications and Experience pre-requisites

Pre – requisite qualifications and experience for the Meat Inspection / Meat Technology courses are:


Veterinary Assistant / Livestock Health Assistant, Training Certificate or Certificate in Animal Health and Production as well as a working knowledge of English Language.


Candidates should also have had a minimum of 2 years experience in the meat industry


Other qualifications such as previous training in Meat Inspection, Food Hygiene, Meat Production and Processing, Veterinary Science and any activity related to the Meat Industry may be desirable and advantageous to the participant.

How to Apply

Application Forms and further detailed information on the courses and fees can be obtained from the address below.


Completed forms should be submitted to the same address by individual applicants or through their sponsoring Organisations or Governments. Selected candidates will be informed directly or through their sponsors as the case may be.


Download the Application Form

Course Fees
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